Monday, January 4, 2010

Sermons Series in 2010

I am sitting here in my thinking chair, not doing much thining, but watching the fiesta bowl. I do not like either team, really, but hey sometimes it is just a matter of the fact that it is football, right? (Let me here a good Tim the "tool man" Taylor grunt).

I wanted to share with the readers of this blog and folks of my Church some information about the sermon series that we will be enjoying the first part of the new year. Also, for those that cannot be with us because of distance, so that you may listen online (Thanks to the cyber-talents of Mrs. Karen Cersley. Oops! Sorry Karen, I did not ask permission to use your name).

I am very excited about what the Lord is going to teach us through His Word in the Coming year. For those who have been with us we have spent sometime in the Gospel of John; Three years now and we are half way through the eighth chapter. But that is not the record, I know a Pastor who has been in John 5 years and is in chapter 4, so I am not the only nut!! But we will take an extended break from the Gospel of John.

Last Lord's day we began our study on the Lords teaching on the subject of Divorce and Remarriage. I taught this about three years ago, but the Churches in America are so confused on what the Lord actually taught on the subject, that we need to learn exactly what He said. I get tired of hearing preachers add their view and put words in the mouth of the Lord, we are going to let Christ speak for Himself.

Next, we will enjoy and wonderfully enriching study on "Twelve Ordianary Men", We will spend 11 weeks and learn about the first preachers of the NT Church. How they were men of doubt and sin just as we are yet God used them in a mighty way. We will come away from that with the understanding that God can use us no matter our past or our present, as long as we are submitted to God.

Then, we will do a study "Twelve extraordinanry women". I think God for how He uses my Mom in my life. I am thankful for how He uses my wife in my life. We will see the great way that God used women to perform His will.

We have many others planned, but God's grace. It is my prayer that God's people will be faithful to the Service at our Church on Sunday Evening and not sit at home, but come and worship as we learn great things about God's Word.

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